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Technically, I am already behind. But it’s only week four and I really want to give it a try. I love writing novels, but short stories are fun.

They captivate me in a way that leaves me begging for more. I mean, isn’t that what they’re supposed to do? So what is the point of this?

I want to do it just to flex my creative writing muscle. It’s a challenge for sure and keeping up with it will be next to impossible, but what’s the point of being a writer if I’m not going to challenge myself as a writer from time to time?

So, I have to catch up, which means posting several back to back. Hopefully, I start playing catchup sooner rather than later. Haha.

Anyway, to give credit where credit is due, I found out about this through the creator Hollie! You can check out her site here. She will also be one of the judges for the blank page challenge (it’s a short story contest, but I won’t be able to join unfortunately).

If you have an idea for a short story comment below! I am going to need them!



I don’t have a lot of friends. In fact I often feel as though I don’t have any real ones. Ones that I can tell my embarrassing stuff to and know that it will stay between to us. Ones that I am 100% open with…

Yes, I have people I can shoot the breeze with. Yes, I have people I can talk to about things that I feel are important, but I don’t see them nor do I talk to them as often as I would a best friend.

I often forget them. Or, I often don’t want them to see me at my worse. A best friend is different. A best friend is someone I won’t hide from because I know they will be there. No. Matter. What. That person is the one I consider family.

Not the family I had no choice in choosing, but the one who stays there through everything even though they don’t have to. The person who constantly picks me over any one else although I’m sure they are able to make new connections.

As a writer it is insanely important to have people in your corner. Sometimes even we will make the wrong choice, BUT those are lessons and I’ve finally met someone who is on the same vibrational plane as me.

Yes we are crazy, and have our past, but at the end of the day, we both know that the other is truly amazing and what we get is real. She’s a new friend, but old enough for me to know that this is for the long haul.

I don’t feel like I have to force myself to be anything or anyone around her and seriously guys, She’s just a great a human.

So here is to friendships being made (and broken, because really you have to learn when a friendship is not real) and to giving them their rightful place in your life. Right by your side. Always.

My book in images

I was on Twitter yesterday…Actually, I have to admit that I am on twitter quite a lot. But it’s not because I don’t have anything better to do. I am there to connect with other writers and as I do, I discover quite a few hashtags that brings me to realize that there are some things I haven’t really thought about.

That’s not to say that I don’t dream about them. I do. Especially when I am fantasizing about finishing the editing process and finally being ready to submit my novel to publishers. I have to admit though, that I try to refrain from doing that too much as I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

But something about one of them stuck and wouldn’t leave me alone. There are writers who have put together (or are in the process of collecting) images that they feel represent their books. And that got me to thinking about what I would want my book to look like. I still have not quite made a decision on that and I’m pretty sure I won’t have one until I am much further along with my process, but I do know what kind of images I want my  words to inspire when you read them.

The idea consumed me until I felt as though I needed to put this in a blog and well, here we are. Below you will find pictures that I have found on Pinterest, Google, etc to help explain the world of Annabelle and James. Of course, I won’t give everything away and I also value readers ability to create their own images as they read, So I am only going to choose a few that I personally see when I read it.  Beginning and Middle. No Ending because I am not one of those people who ruin it for others. ^_^




packet ship.jpg

These three pictures perfectly represent the main action points of my novel. Funnily enough those images didn’t exist in the first version. Yet, they are so important to the foundation that I have currently built.


duke home

kissing belle





The images you see here shows a movement between scenes. Something that is important to the story of Annabelle and James is there background. I use it often to cause them some serious heartache, but they find themselves unable to keep away from each other.  Ultimately they have to come to terms with their differences. And that my dear friends, is something I am not revealing in this moment.

While this has been a lot of  fun, looking at all of these historical photos has inspired me and now I want to go edit some more of their story! Till next time!

Progress being made


When the new year comes it usually happens so fast that I am blindsided by it. This year however, I had my eyes wide open and I was ready for it. I knew what I needed to do (well I knew what I wanted to do) and that was get my writing out in to the world. So I made a schedule… and then I promptly forgot said schedule.  There is no underlying wisdom to that. I had created a schedule that was a little unrealistic for me to achieve. Even though I am currently on break from school, my responsibilities have not lessened at all. They just, uh, shifted.

But here’s the thing. I am STILL WRITING. There is not a day that doesn’t go by in which I am not looking at my goals and aspirations and trying to work in time to do it. Last year, I started to tell people my dream. I let them see a part of me that I have often left hidden in the shadows and showed them just what this all meant to me.

This year I am letting my actions speak louder than my words. My actions say that my hunger for this life is pushing me to do things that I have often scoffed at. I am sitting more at the table instead of on the couch when I write, I am looking into how to be a freelancer, but most of all, I am submitting my work!

On Wednesday, I sent my first chapter to a scholarship and then on Friday I submitted five pages of a novel to my very first romance novel contest. As I continue to write and learn more about my style, I will submit and submit and submit and submit. So here’s to the first week of the new year! I am also toasting to the added emotional stress of pressing send and letting other people take from me what I have worked so hard to create. Why? Because guys, that means I have moved from the stage of doubting myself as a nonstarter. And that is worth all the agonizing I do any day.





New Year, 2018

Where has the time gone this year? I feel as if I was just looking forward to 2017! Filled with excitement of knowing I would be taking my first trip out of the country, that my career as a medical profession was over and just the overall raw feeling of everything being new and that I was starting fresh. 

This year I am in a much different spot  than I was when this year started. This year is not about rebirth like 2017 was. Last year, I discovered a few things about myself that I am now moving towards with gusto. Writing is my life. Without it, I am miserable. Without it, I become small and unable to function correctly. Without writing, I am not me.

2017, was about growing into who Tiffany is, no apologies given. Taking the time to truly understand what it means to be her. Letting her stand up and shout at the top of her lungs what she believes in. 

 2018, is the continuation of this discovery. It is the year that I plan to push myself even more, give myself goals that I can respect and enjoy. This is the time I learn what it means to stick with something that makes my heart and soul soar. 

The new year brings great promise, but only because I layed the foundation in 2017. Here’s to the new year a continuation of growth that I never thought I would ever see. 

Five types of naysayers that will try to distract you from your goals.

I’ve come to quite a few conclusions during my time on this earth. I understand that I don’t have all the answers and I often find myself receiving advice…whether I asked for it or not. I’ve found though, that the unasked advice often come from those who are known by many names. Negative Nancys, Debbie Downers or their favorite names for themselves Realistic Randys. Some even believe they are being Truthful Tracys. 

Maybe they are and maybe they aren’t. The thing is, the advice they give  ALWAYS revolve around one thing. To stop you from believing that you can do something.

Now, in no way shape or form am I saying that you can do ANYTHING that you put your mind to or even that you SHOULD. I AM saying that for those dreams that CAN be a reality you have to be able to put the naysayers behind you. Why? Because there will ALWAYS be a naysayer. Always. Here are five types of naysayers you have to be aware of. 

1) This is the most dangerous. They believe that YOU can’t do it because well, they weren’t able to. They are the most well meaning and that makes them the most dangerous.

2) Naysayer number two is the one who just never have anything positive to say. They are always this way about EVERYTHING.

3) Naysayer number 3 is the one who smiles in your face, tells you that what you’re doing is great, but then goes behind your back and talks badly about what you are trying to do. Now, I don’t care when people talk badly about me to others, but this one can actually make things harder for you. When you are trying to build, these are the ones who are drilling holes into your foundation. Be careful with these. 

4) This person is the one who asks you questions. You know the ones I’m talking about. “But have you been there before? How do you know you will like it?” “How will you pay for housing? Food? Clothes, etc?” “You’re ok with just leaving everything you know?” “How do you know that you are even able to do that?”  Questions when they come from a good place are always welcomed. They should always be welcomed, but when they are questions dealing with practicality or your own insecurities they are not coming from a well meaning place. They are coming from a place of disbelief and discouragement. Obviously, you are talking about this BECAUSE you have ALREADY done a significant amount of research. You are already aware of the possible set backs and it’s not their place to question your dreams. Always question the questioners with your own questions instead of giving answers. The less they know the less you will feel like you are defending your actions. 

5) And finally number five. The one who challenges your right to ask for help. All dreamers throughout history have needed some help from somewhere. You are allowed to not have all the answers, or to choose a dream that seems impossible. You are not forcing anyone to help you, by asking. Don’t let someone tell you you are wrong for needing help to reach your goals. 

In short, you will come across a lot of different people who don’t agree with what you are doing. They won’t give you the support you need and it’s your job, not to listen to the noise. To make sure you are, above all else, doing what is right for you. Sometimes you have to be selfish to have the life you want. And that’s ok. Do you know why? Becasue this is your life. No one but you knows what will make you truly soar. Listen to yourself and only accept questions and advice that makes you better, stronger, wiser. Anything else and it’s time to say bye bye! 

Writing contests 2018

creative writing contests

It feels good to be back! I have been on a whirlwind this end of the year. I got hired permanently at the temp agency I was working with, I have just finished (well, not finished I have one last research paper due tonight. Lol) my first semester as a creative writing major, (Not in London, but that’s OK, I’m working on the London piece of my story. ^_^) And maybe most importantly, I FINISHED WRITING MY FIRST NOVEL!!!! I am currently in the process of editing it and hope to have it polished and ready to send out, by my 29th birthday!!

So, you dear blog, you have been sorely neglected. BUT, after finishing my first creative writing course, I have a determination to get my work out there more than ever and one way that I have been considering on how to do that is through writing contests. Writing contests are those funny little things where you pay other people to judge your work and I used to scoff at the idea of SPENDING a dime on them. I am still somewhat skeptical about them, but I am far more suspect of the free ones. (Not that I am knocking any of them.)

Because of my inherent, skepticism I am pushing myself to enter them in 2018. I have created a small budget for the contests that I must pay for and the rest, will be free. After all is said and done, I plan on entering seven of them. One of which has to be a novel contest.  The idea behind all of these contests is that, I’m not entering to win, I’m entering to be a better writer. I am super psyched about these and I hope if you are in that stage where you are unsure about whether or not you want to do these, I say just take the leap.

You can’t succeed if you never start! Below you will find the list of contests I plan (or already have entered.) on entering, Let me know if you are too!

  1. Short Story Challenge. $55 to enter and you have until the 25th of January! (worldwide) I actually just registered for this one! It’s conducted in Rounds. The first one starts January 26th and finishes May 11th. I decided to enter this one because of the deadlines. If I make it past the first round the deadlines get increasingly more difficult…. Deadlines and I don’t get along. You can read more details about this contest here.
  2. Collaboration Five. This is free to enter. It is another short story contest and I have to say the concept intrigues me. You (the writer) chooses a painting and create a story for it.  Deadline to enter is February 15th, 2018 ( Seven days after my birthday! O_O). Read more about it here.
  3. Writer’s Digest 87th Annual writing contest. I have kept my eye on this for many years and this year I am going for it. I am working on a romance short story. I just hope  I can do it with only 4,000 words to work with! GAH. With the May 4th deadline it is $30 for a manuscript and $20 for a poem. Price increases if you submit for the June Deadline! You can submit more than one entry for this. Click here to find out more!
  4. BBC International Radio PlayWriting Competition. I wouldn’t be a real lover of London if I didn’t include one that would pay for me to visit my favorite city in the world! (If I won of course.) But on a more serious note this is another contest that is a little out there and I love the concept. Deadline is January 31st (London Time!) and I am pleased to say that there is no entry fee! Go here for more details and tips on how to enter.
  5. Fire and Ice contest. As you all know, my chosen genre to write is romance. I would be remiss if my novel contest was anything other than that. The fee is $35 and you can start submitting January 14th, 2018. Word to the wise, get your entry in fast. They only accept 60 entries, so I wouldn’t wait on this one if I was you. This one is really for feedback. You are only submitting the first 6,000 words of your manuscript, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have completed it! You can submit here.
  6. Great Beginnings Contest.  Another critique contest. Fee is $15 for nonmembers (Which I am). Romance Genre. Are you seeing the theme yet? Lol. Again your not submitting your whole manuscript, but make sure it is done!
  7. And last but not least the Fab Five contest. They cap entries for each genre at 35 so do not delay if you are interested!  You can only submit your first 2,500 words of your manuscript. And as you may have guessed this one also has a fee $25 for non members.

That’s my list folks! At least for the first part of the year. whoosh. Are you guys ready? Cause I don’t know if I am. Here’s to starting my writing career!