Shades of brown

I like to write about mixed race couples in romances. Mostly black and white. Probably, because I enjoy being in those kinds of relationships. I also enjoy seeing them in the streets and I would love to see more of them in media.

The point of this post though isn’t to wax on about my love for mixed race romance. It’s about my discovery of the different shades of brown. I’m not one to brag, but I do know A LOT of shades of brown, but I was a little taken aback when I googled the color and it came back with so many variations. Of course I became overly excited and had to stop writing my description scene and write this post.

I am going to list the ones that stuck out the most to me. These are the ones I am sure I will use at some point in my writing. If not in this story then in the next. It’s actually got me to thinking that I should Google every color and write a post. I would call it shadysunday. Get it? whatever, It’s OK if you don’t, I never said I was great at titles. As a matter of fact that is actually a great weakness of mine. Anyway let’s get started!

Shades of brown

  1. Cafe noir
  2. Ochre
  3. Burnt umber
  4. Chocolate
  5. Beaver
  6. Bronze
  7. Sepia
  8. Russet
  9. Sunray
  10. Coffee
  11. Golden brown
  12. Almond
  13. Windsor tan 2
  14. Burlywood
  15. Seal brown
  16. Dark brown
  17. Raw umber
  18. Copper
  19. Chamoisee
  20. Bole
  21. Redwood
  22. Mahogany
  23. Cinnamon
  24. French puce
  25. Tawny
  26. Caramel
  27. Hickory
  28. Pecan
  29. Copper penny
  30. Deep amber

And an honorable mention goes to burnt and raw sienna. Seriously the next time you are stuck trying to figure out another way to say a color just google it. There will be enough new colors there that you will have no choice, but to write. haha.


Author: AquarianMomma89

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