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I often find myself trying new ways to keep myself interested in a “Lifestyle change” as people are starting to call it. (We all know that this means diet right?) I am one of those eaters that have a lot of “rules” when it comes to what I will stick to with no complaints. Most importantly, I hate anything that calls for lowfat or nonfat foods. I immediately write off any nutritionist that suggest I eat those foods. I’m not a fan and never will be.

If you want to know what kind of dieter I am (Or lifestyle changer lol) here are the things that I need. It’s actually one of the reasons why I have such difficulty in sticking with anything.

I like to eat the same thing, BUT not everyday.

I need variety, BUT nothing that is too out there.

I do not like nonfat or lowfat foods, but I don’t like eating calorie dense foods.

I love to cook, BUT nothing that will take up most of my time.

I love to batch cook, BUT hate eating anything over 2 days old.

I need organization, BUT also wiggle room to have substitutions.

As you can see, I am one of those people. You know the kind. The ones that are annoying as heck when it comes to food choices. lol, but I think I have come up with a real solution cause I need to lose more weight and I am tired of not taking my health seriously.

I used to be a vegan(this is relevant I swear) and during that time I felt great and shed over thirty pounds without really noticing. Being a vegan is hard though and I will Never, Ever, Ever do it again. However, I did learn some very valuable things about what kind of eater I am. Most of the Items above I learned during my year as a vegan. Go figure. lol.

I do know that I am ready to cut dairy out of my diet (except egg whites and cheese (cause let’s be real I can’t live without cheese, but I will cut it down) ) and meat (except seafood). Which means that I am ready to embrace that Pescatarian lifestyle! Whoo Hoo! This obviously takes some planning, but I think it is exactly what I am looking for in a diet. It’s well rounded and leaves me plenty of options to choose from, while remaining pretty consistent in what I can or cannot eat.


Every so often I will post a blog with my current eats. I think mostly on Fridays and I will call it Food Plan Fridays! Haha. One of the reasons why I am doing this is because I’ve been finding it pretty difficult to find information out there, but that’s more my fault than anything. I still want to make it a little easier for those who are also considering this switch and it will help me find things that I am looking for. I do want to stress though that I am NOT turning this into a food blog.

Another reason I am doing this is because I deleted my pinterest board that had been dedicated to being vegan. I didn’t back it up by blogging (Mainly due to the fact that I didn’t really blog then) and I want to have a log this time. Honestly, I should not have deleted my pinterest board that I had created. Ah well. You live and learn. I can’t wait to start this!



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