Moana and why it is such a great movie!

I’m sure there have been plenty of positive reviews of this movie, but I think it is necessary for me to speak on this too! You see, I have a five year old and I often take her to see the newest Disney movie. We often enjoy ourselves, but there are a few times when I have not been impressed (I’m looking at you live action Cinderella).

Moana though, has found a permanent spot in my top Disney movies. She ALMOST usurped Beauty and the Beast, but that one is my all time favorite and nothing will ever change that. Hee Hee! Moana may not be a typical princess story, but that is what makes her so awesome.

I was most impressed with their dedication to incorporate so much of a culture into this movie. From the songs, the visuals, the slip-ins of the languages. There is so MUCH love and appreciation of the island culture. Every time she opened her mouth to sing, there was a sense of it coming from the very life of the Island. Listen, I know how crazy this sounds, but I’m telling you it was there.

I don’t cry often, but this movie touched my heart. I cried the first time I watched it with my daughter and every time she watches it, I have to fight the urge to cry again! This movie is about believing in yourself. Listening to your heart and following your dreams because sometimes those dreams are part of a bigger story. Always remember who you are and if you forget search your heart, your soul, your story! It’s ok to be afraid. It’s ok to want to give up, what matters is that you believe in yourself enough to know that you shouldn’t because you can do it!

Moana is full of inspiration, but it is expertly weaved through with comedy and VERY catchy tunes. Disney has definitely earned five stars for this new princess. I appreciate the effort that they are making to expand cultural awareness in this world. I also appreciate them making an effort to let children know around the world that they know who they are and that is what matters the most.


Author: AquarianMomma89

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