Writing challenge (6)

I guess I should explain myself. I know I signed up to do this writing challenge and I have enjoyed doing it. Writing the way I write. Busting out these flash fiction stories for my readers.

And I’m not going to lie I have been super proud of myself for keeping it up. Then There were a couple of days that I got busy. You know the kind of busy. The kind where you feel you can easily lose your head if it wasn’t attached to the rest of you. The pace wasn’t slowing down and it wasn’t like I wasn’t writing- Because I was- I was just writing these pieces for scholarships  and contests and stuff.

Each one that I wrote, Each one that I submitted I thought this has to pan out. It has to… You see I got accepted to study in London. I plan on going to the university of Westminster to study creative writing! Yet as we all know, one of the biggest reasons people don’t follow their dreams is money.

I don’t want to be one of those people. Not now, not ever. So, I’m applying to scholarships and contests and I started a fundraiser, which you can find here. Please remember sharing is helpful! If you are unable to donate please please please share!

But then I had another thought. I’m busting these stories out on a daily basis and with a little editing I can compile them all into a book. One that I can sell on Amazon. Not for much, but for something more than I am currently receiving. All proceeds will be put into the same account that I have set up to pay for my time in London. This is what I call looking at all possibilities to make your dream come true! whoo hoo!

So long story short I have not been writing on my blog because I have been writing. haha.



Author: AquarianMomma89

I have intense feelings, but you won't often find me expressing them. My writing is where I feel like I can breathe just a little bit. My goal right now is to write, My ultimate goal is to write any where in the world I want to. (Maybe starting with Norway!)