New York City, London and my desire to write.

I am back in the land of my birth. I am back in the city that has shaped me. I am back and I am miserable. Don’t get me wrong for 28 years NYC has been my home. It has been the place that has been a source of Immense joy and Immense sadness. It has been the place that I have felt the most like myself and up until my trip to London it was the only really big city that I have ever had the pleasure to be part of.

Yet, as soon as I flew into London and landed. As soon as I was traveling through the city on their tube and walking down the street I knew that London was in fact my home. It called to a spirit that I have always kept under lock and key. That I have never felt could be properly nourished by the vibe in New York. As a writer, I am very aware of how great this city is for us, but  London. Mannnnnn, that city is vibrant in a way that this one will never be. I am telling you that while I was there I knew, KNEW that London was the place I would develop as a writer and soar. I am officially putting it into the universe that I want to go there and study writing. Let this become a dream come true!

Yet, while I am in New York I need to stay focused. I need to be able to take everything I was feeling in London and transfer it into me being productive. I come back from my stay in London with a renewed vigor for writing. I come back with the realization that it is not just enough that I want to write and that I have some skills. I need to set up a routine and stop making excuses that hinder. I need to want to develop as a writer and I know that without a set routine I am currently behind every other writer that takes their craft seriously. So what am I going to do? First I am going to do a 30 day writing challenge. Set aside an hour (Maybe two haven’t decided yet) to just write. The prompts from the challenge should be able to keep me on track and give me inspiration when I am feeling decidedly uninspired. lol.  If you want to follow along  I plan on starting this tomorrow 2/27/17. Here is the link to the prompts that I will be using. I think after I finish this one I will continue to find other ones until I come to the point where I am comfortable with the amount of time that I have to just write.

I do hope that this works! If you are joining me Good luck! It’s time to get serious!!