Planning your trip to the UK

I did it!!!! I finally did it!

Do you remember when I mentioned that I wanted to go to Europe? Well guess what,  I am going! I Decided after I quit my job that I needed to find a way to get out there. I wasn’t sure if it would be that feasible seeing as how you know, I have significantly less money to play around with, but this is important.

So, I did some research and discovered that all the roadblocks that I thought I had, weren’t necessarily real.

One of my biggest gripes or worries was paying for three tickets from New York to London. This time, I decided that if you can’t pay for your own ticket. You can’t come with me. That’s right I am doing this thing ALONE. Which broke down other barriers.

I do want to point out though tickets are still expensive. I don’t care what you say dropping upwards of 400 dollars on an item at once is expensive. It could easily destroy my very carefully balanced budget. Which is why this lady here discovered this service that allows you to pay off your ticket in increments. It is . So if you’re feeling like you wish you could buy your ticket in advance, but pay it off slowly this is your answer! Also, don’t worry about credit, they don’t check it. They do charge a fee, but it’s worth it for me to be able to afford to go on a trip! If that happens to be your reason as well…I guess you no longer have a reason. :p

After buying my ticket I had to decided about accommodations. Since I am now doing this by myself I had many many more options open to me! Making my trip that much more affordable. I have decided to stay in a hostel. I haven’t decided which one yet though. I am still working on this one because I am no longer sure that I will stay the whole trip in London.

I know I want to make a bunch of day trips, but I am trying to decide if I want to stay a few days in the rest of the UK. Whatever I decide, it is my decision. Because guess what? I am doing this on my own!!



I am so freaking excited I cannot hold it back! 75 days until I board that flight! WHOOP WHOOP!!!