Laundry Service? Don’t mind if I do.

Since I haven’t been going to work, I have been trying to keep up with my writing…but as all procrastinators will tell you, it is easy to find other things to do when you are supposed to be concentrating. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing Annabelle and James’ story (they are the main characters of the Historical Romance novel I am currently writing.) and usually  I don’t have a problem writing it.

A little back story. I started this novel years ago. Lost the original draft on a USB, started from scratch and had gotten pretty far (15,000 words) when my mom passed away. It took me almost a full year (A FULL YEAR!) to feel that urge to write. This was due to a lot of things, but mainly because I had lost my spark there for a minute. I started writing again while I still worked at the cancer hospital and even allowed some of my coworkers to read a really rough draft. They seemed to really enjoy it, but I needed feedback because like I said it was a rough draft. They were hesitant at first, but I got the best ideas from some of the things they said and I decided that I needed a prologue. Side note: People start reading prologues. They are important to the story!

Any-who, fast forward to present day, and the novel is now at 24,129 words. Not bad right? It is coming along rather nicely, but I am having editing issues. Issues is the wrong word. I mean more of a predicament. You see, since I wrote in the prologue there are some pretty significant edits I now need to make. These are non negotiable and since I know I have to write them I don’t want to continue writing the story itself until they are done. The best part about all of this? I have a deadline.

Yep, you read that right. I have a deadline.Why the deadline you ask? Well, I signed up for Nanowrimo. Haven’t heard of it?  It’s basically a challenge to finish your 50,000 word novel in one month. It starts on November 1st and ends November 30th. Personally, I think the month of November was a bad pick, but I understand what they are trying to say. There will always be something (Like a national holiday) that can deter you from writing, but you have to make it a priority. At least that’s what it says to me since, you know, I cook a full Thanksgiving (here is an article written about the holiday for those of you who may not know what it is exactly) meal for 10 people- and that’s not including leftovers.

Sorry, obviously I am a little worried about finishing the challenge as is. Add a national holiday to the mix and you could say that I am freaking out a little bit. Anyway, I decided that I was going to use this challenge to finish  Annabelle and James’ story. You are supposed to start writing your first words on the actual start date, but since I am using a story that I have already started, I plan on writing 50,000 words on top of what I already have. So, if  on November 1st my novel has 25,000 words (It might actually be closer to 30,000) I will not count any of them towards my bottom line. The idea is that I want this novel to be close to 130,000 words, which translates into about 300 pages published and Nanowrimo will help me reach my goal faster.

I wanted to have these significant edits done by the time the challenge started because it just doesn’t make sense in my mind to write new material for a part of the book that doesn’t exist yet! I have to put those edits in to what is already written so the flow can continue the way I want it to! And of course, since I know when it has to be done by I want to wait until the very last minute…

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So you see, I have created a perfect scenario for me to procrastinate. You give me a deadline and I will wait until the very last possible second to get it done. No questions asked. Don’t ask me why I do that, I just know that I do. Sometimes I even annoy myself. I will actually resort to cleaning, organizing, moving furniture around just to avoid the task at hand. Oh did I mention, I will even sink to doing laundry?

Now that brings me to the purpose of this post. Laundry Service. I hate doing laundry, as most of us do, but I am also an immense cheapskate. I really hate spending money on something I can do myself. Case in point: Laundry. But I hate laundry. Probably, with the same amount of passion James and Annabelle love each other.

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So today – the last day I have to work on these much needed edits- instead of working, I sat in a chair and stared in horror at the pile of laundry that needed to be done. At that moment it was imperative for me to get rid of it. All of it. I knew that wasn’t realistic though, so I lowered my expectations to a few loads that wouldn’t leave me completely exhausted. I’m exhausted just thinking about it…that’s when I realized I needed to find a way to start my laundry without me actually doing it. Since you know, it’s Halloween and I have to take my  5 year old daughter trick or treating in NY today.

I looked guiltily at my computer,sighed and opened it up to my novel, but then I had a thought. What if I actually could send my laundry off and have someone else do it for a price that I would be alright with? I mean can’t I be cheap and not have to do laundry? Did I mention how much I hate doing laundry? Cause you know, I really hate doing laundry.

Ignoring the blinking cursor next to the scene where Annabelle and her brother are running through a thick forest,  I opened up several windows in google chrome and began searching for wash and fold services and I was off! Biggest time waster ever! Not in the sense that I didn’t find what I was looking for,  just more in the sense that it took way too much time out of my very limited allotment. I mean, I started my search at 9:30 am and didn’t finish until 11:45 am!  Sigh, I guess I shouldn’t complain because that included me sorting and weighing my clothes to have a more accurate idea of how much it would cost if I did this and at least it did end with me placing an order.

At the beginning of my search I remembered that I had recently received a coupon code in the mail for a relatively new laundry service called Cleanly . It was for $20 off and I thought oh that would be a great deal! Until you know, I saw how much they charge per pound of laundry. Cleanly charge $1.50 a pound for them to do your laundry! and they charge you extra for blankets, pillows, comforters, bath mats and the list just goes on! Since, I was looking to do some major laundry this wasn’t going to work for me. I wanted to send off  35 pounds of laundry today and that added up to $52.50. Minus the $20 credit which means it would actually be $32.50.  Which, really isn’t that bad…except if I wanted to continue using their service I would have to, you know spend $52.50. Not every time, but very close to every time. Of course, this isn’t including the bedding that I wanted done. I may use this later just because I’m not throwing $20 away, but it will be a much smaller load. So small that it just wouldn’t cut it for my purpose today.

Then I remembered, that I use a food delivery website that has been expanding into other services! Whenever I am feeling lazy and generous with my money, I use to order in. One of the reasons I like them is because they give you points every time you place an order. I figure, might as well use a site that will eventually give me prizes. (Like money that I can use to buy that lunch I always wanted to try, but didn’t want to use my own money.) If you want to try it and get $7 off your first order, here is my referral code link:

I logged into my account searched for laundry services and discovered there were a lot more choices than I had thought there would be. They weren’t bad choices either. I found several that offered to do your laundry at 90 cents a lb and they would pick up today and deliver clean, folded laundry tomorrow.  Then there was the place that does it for 79 cents a lb! Unfortunately, the pick up times they had available for today were not going to work for me. I wanted to at least try to shrink the scary pile of laundry that has been staring at me, but next time I am definitely going with the 79 cents a lb place! They even offer you a 10% discount if you go over $100…Yes, I really do have that much laundry to do. Don’t judge me.

So, I went with one of the 90 cents a lb place. The one I went with is located around the corner from me and promised to pick up my laundry from my apartment and take it back to there business and have it delivered back to my apartment by tomorrow. All I had to do was pack it. The best part? They offered a 10% discount for first time users!  I am so glad that laundry will get done today without me actually having to do it that I  almost cried!

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Now, if I could just focus on writing those edits! I guess it will just have to wait until after we get dressed up in our witch costumes -I have eagerly ignored what still needs to be done to write my discovery of the cheap wash and fold services that are available in ny! Which, quite possibly will save my life. – because now I have to get ready to get my daughter from school and go trick or treating. Whoops.

Happy Halloween!

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Romance. Is that too much to ask for?

Why is it that we often feel the need to justify our desire to read a romance novel? Is it because they represent to us standards that are impossible? Or is it because we are uncomfortable with the amount of…ehem… touching that can occur in these novels and thus are uncomfortable with people knowing?

Really, I’m curious. I’ve had to break myself out of the habit of blushing every time I went to the library and borrowed one if these books. I’ve had to stop myself from shifting uncomfortably when I made eye contact with a stranger while enjoying a romance.

So I’m not immune to it. I have often found myself saying bashfully to others “oh it’s a guilty pleasure. You know?”, but I started questioning this when I decided to become a romance writer. I take what I do seriously and I enjoy writing romances as much as I enjoy reading them.

It’s not a guilty pleasure at all and it sure isn’t because I can’t focus on other literature. I enjoy a good love story wrapped around a mystery. I enjoy getting to know two characters  who find themselves attracted to each other beyond reason. I enjoy being able to know that they will find each other in the end…even when it seems hopeless…

If you haven’t guessed yet, I am a hopeless romantic. We live in a world that will often ridicule that, but I have decided that we can all use a little romance. Plus, I am 100% down with all…touching scenes. I think they represent how as a couple it should be next to impossible to stay away from each other. On a lighter level it let’s  me know that we aren’t as stifled as we think we are. Haha.


I’ve come to several conclusions about myself over the past week that I would like to share.

1. I am a creative person with a passion for people, but most of all writing. Writing is something I have such a strong attachment to that it hurts when I don’t do it.

2. I sometimes put myself in situations that prove to be rather difficult to get out of, but never it seems for my own happiness.

3. When I am done, and I mean really done, then there is nothing you can do or say that will change my mind

Recently, I decided that my life would be a lot better without my full-time job at a cancer hospital . I was miserable there and even though I have touched the lives of many cancer patients, I knew that it wasn’t for me.

I was being stifled, creatively, mentally and worst of all emotionally. I managed to hold on for a whole year and a promotion  before I decided that I couldn’t continue.

So, I handed in my resignation letter. I don’t have another job waiting for me at the end of my two weeks notice and I don’t have a clear idea of what will happen and how, but I do know one thing. Handing in that resignation letter took such a weight off my shoulders I almost cried.

I have laughed, danced, smiled and generally enjoyed life more than I have in the past year alone. I am over the moon to be leaving such a toxic environment.

The best part of all of this though? I finally get to start focusing on what I really want to do in life. I want to write. I want to inspire and I want to do it with the passion just sitting idly in my soul waiting to be tapped.
I would have continued plugging along at the job because society tells me that it is a good place to work. I would have continued because I have allowed money to direct my life.

Yet, I am here to tell you, If you are miserable somewhere,  “let it go!” You can’t and won’t realize the life you are supposed to have if you are working at the directive of someone else’s dreams.

I have finally put myself in a difficult position for the benefit of my own happiness and I couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming adventures.