How do you say…..?

I remember the days when I would read a book and come across a word that I wouldn’t know. Later as I got older I decided to keep a notebook filled with these words and their definitions. I would pore over them trying to figure how to use these words in everyday conversations. Eventually, I stopped doing this. I still come across words that I don’t know and still have moments when I am confused and will look up a new word, but I no longer write them down. In some ways my memory has improved enough to let me do that.

Yet, now I face another dilemma. Writing requires you to know how to say the same thing several times (especially when writing a novel) differently. So what should I do? I’ve decided that I will start choosing words and write a list of ways to say them differently. So basically I am creating a thesaurus. I will try to come up with 20 different ways to say the same thing. An exercise in being aware. Today’s word is:


1. Glare                                                          2. Glance

3. Gaze                                                           4.  Stare

5. Survey                                                       6.  View

7. Regard                                                       8. observe

9. spectate                                                    10. Watch

11. Cast                                                           12.  Skim

13. Perceive                                                   14. Eye

15. Squint                                                      16. Inspect

17. Contemplate                                         18. Gape

19. Leer                                                          20.Study

There are more words that I could add to this list, but I want to start slow. Comment below your own favorite ways to say look!



Author: AquarianMomma89

I have intense feelings, but you won't often find me expressing them. My writing is where I feel like I can breathe just a little bit. My goal right now is to write, My ultimate goal is to write any where in the world I want to. (Maybe starting with Norway!)