Taking a trip

So, I have been thinking lately about how when I was younger all I wanted to do was go to England. (London in particular) I was obsessed with this place. (Still am.) As I got older my obsession grew. It didn’t help that one of my favorite book series (take a wild guess on what that was. Here’s a hint it’s about a young wizard) of all times took place in England.

Time passed and my obsession grew. Except now I just wanted to travel Europe. Cliched I know, but I am OBSESSED with their history. So it became that I needed to go to France, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Scotland, Ireland, England, SPAIN. My soul was being called. I NEEDED to go. I felt like I was living in the wrong place. Like I couldn’t really flourish until I had stepped off  a plane in one of these places.

I tried to make this come true last year, but as always something made me postpone. I am so afraid now that I have postponed it so many times through my life that I will never get the chance to go. I am so afraid that now that I have all of these other responsibilities I won’t be able to ever find the time…or money.

I’m trying not to be fatalistic about this. I mean I am only 27 so I still have time, but that is how strong this urge is! It’s as strong as the urges I get to write. So I am going to manifest this. Next year I am going to be in Europe. I am going to be there writing and living the culture. This has to happen. I am going to make this happen.



Author: AquarianMomma89

I have intense feelings, but you won't often find me expressing them. My writing is where I feel like I can breathe just a little bit. My goal right now is to write, My ultimate goal is to write any where in the world I want to. (Maybe starting with Norway!)