Suddenly Free

Story time. Fictional of course. No title for this one yet. I shall write it when I feel the urge, but I hope it will be more often than not. Follow along with my progress! P.S this is to be a romance so if that is not your genre you have been warned. 🙂

There was a knock at the door as she was putting away the dishes. She paused, suddenly frightened. She was home alone and the last time she had answered the door she had been scarred. Badly.

She ran her hand gently over the cast that wrapped her leg into place. She wasn’t ready to answer the door without someone else standing next to her. Whoever it was knocked again. This time with a little less patience. Her back was starting to hurt from all the tension.

How could she take it easy? How could she be herself if every time there was a knock at the door she was reminded? A flash of her being thrown backwards into the living room ran through her mind. She remembered so clearly the fear, the anxiety, the inability to protect herself. She never wanted to feel like that again.

Breathe, she chided. It’s probably just your neighbor. She grabbed her crutches and swung herself over to the door.

She stared at the door willing the person to go away. Her mouth felt dry, she couldn’t  do this. Who was knocking at her door at this time anyway? Everyone knew what happened to her. They knew she couldn’t do it. This had to be a cruel joke.

“Who is it?” Her voice sounded harsh. Afraid. Clearing her throat, she repeated her question louder, no fear this time.”Who is it?”

“It’s me Julia, Matt. I forgot my keys.” Releasing her breathe with sharp relief she swung closer and unlocked the door. Her roommate Matthew stood on the stoop looking sheepish. “Sorry Julia. I really am. I forgot my keys and I really have to run to the bathroom. ”

“No biggie.” She tried to smile, but knew it came off as a grimace. He darted past her and ran down the hall past the kitchen and out of site. She closed the door with a snap and re-locked it. Twice.

Another effect of being attacked in her home. She now had to relock, unlock and relock the door every time she was inside. Just to make sure. Just to feel safe again…